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Running Santa

Description :
Running Santa GAME and dive into the end-of-the-year atmosphere with the best racing game of all parties!
Hurry up and run with Santa Claus! Running Santa GAME from disaster!
Santa's sleigh has been struck down and the old man has big problems!
Save the holiday spirit and find all the gifts that were lost during the accident by guiding him through the streets of the North Pole Village.
Santa Claus needs help on the icy course to navigate and collect all the gifts that fell during the accident.
Hurry up and collect as many gifts as you can on the snowy trails of Santa's Village as fast as you can! Make sure all wise children have their gifts just in time for Christmas.
Come join the gift race and live the adventure of your life!
Ice bridges to cross, ice cubes to avoid, jumping ditches - these are just some of the obstacles you will have to face while running for Santa Claus. Try to pick up all the gifts you find during your Christmas run.
The various bonuses and powers that you will find on your way during your race in the streets of the snow-covered village are there to help you in your mission. Run faster, jump farther and collect more gifts for wise children all over the world. The more you collect fallen gifts, the easier your mission becomes. Equip your character with a shiny turbo jet pack, or find a magnet and make sure you leave nothing behind!
Who is your favorite character ?
Do you like being Santa Claus or do you prefer one of the dwarves? It's up to you !
We can promise you that you will fall in love with our Christmas running game once you've seen our stunning graphics and you've heard the soundtrack with Christmas songs that will delight you!


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